Daily Archives: 2018-10-29

How to get Renewable energy projects financed

Renewable energies in Germany, a major branch of industry and an engine for Innovation, growth and employment. But not only in Germany: in the World you encounter as an Alternative to nuclear power and fossil fuels. However, as such, very different projects can be funded? In the “Handbook of financing of Renewable energy projects,” give […]

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An effective form of marketing

In the digital stream, the ongoing availability of Knowledge, advertising messages, value propositions, and News to have Events, especially of: orientation! No communication action is similar well suited when it comes to contact with the potential target group in exchange. In B2B Marketing, the today is indispensable, because the information are in the 21st century. […]

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How exciting can be Economics – An economic Thriller

As Lester Sternberg, one Morning, comes to work, nothing is as it once was. Because he is under arrest on suspicion of his boss, Professor van Slyke, murdered. In order to prove his innocence he is looking for on your own after the real culprit. The help he receives from the student, Milena, and he […]

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Start a career after graduation

On the first Job after graduation, many graduates go cheer: Finally they get a salary, to finally show what you can! But as the profession’s successful entry right? The new guide‘s going on – My career of Michael Bloss and Christian Peksen answers to your questions about the application, the first days in a new […]

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The challenging role of the project Manager

The project Manager defines, leads and manages the project. He is responsible for the fulfilment of the project contract, and thus for the achievement of the project goals under the given conditions. In this respect, the project Manager is obliged to inform the internal Client informed about the progress of the project. The chances of […]

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