Study Healthcare Abroad: The Best Universities For Undergraduates

Study Healthcare Abroad: The Best Universities For Undergraduates

When it comes to a college education, there are so many degrees to choose from; however, very few compare to a healthcare degree. This is especially true when it comes to the best universities in the world, as their quality of education equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. So, if you’re really interested in getting the best education in healthcare, read more as we cover 5 of the best universities for undergraduate healthcare degrees.

Top Foreign Universities For Undergraduate Healthcare Students

Graduates with Healthcare degrees have many job opportunities that allow them to get employed and switch careers quickly. However, you need to get the proper education first. So, here are 5 of the best universities for undergraduates looking to study healthcare abroad:

  • Okanagan College
  • California State University, Sacramento
  • Alliant International University
  • Duquesne University
  • Trinity College Dublin


1.    Okanagan College

This university is located in Kelowna, Canada. It’s a world-class public institution with more than 1600 students. The school is a diverse environment of international students and faculty. Graduates of Okanagan college are often sought after by recruitment agencies as the quality of education at this college is very good and highly respected. If you are applying to this university from a country whose language isn’t English, you might want to use a translation agency to get all your important documents properly translated to avoid delays or rejections. Several services have been designed to give students the best experience, such as a strong Wi-Fi connection, gym facilities, healthy meals, and much more. Tuition is about CAD$10,738 – CAD$70,278 a year, but scholarships are also available to students.

2.    California State University, Sacramento

This public university is in Sacramento, USA. It has a large campus with slightly over 700 students. The university has a reputation for producing some of the world’s brightest minds, and it still does so today. The location, Sacramento, provides students with many career opportunities through internships and full-time positions. As an international educational institution, California State University attracts students worldwide. According to recent estimates, well over 100 nationalities are enrolled as students. Student life is also great, with a campus doctor, computer labs, a swimming pool, feeding, and other basic amenities provided by the school. Undergraduate education at this university is among the cheapest in the country at $16,800 per year.

3.    Alliant International University

This private university is located in San Diego, USA. It has a high acceptance rate which makes it a favorite among students. The student body is diverse, and several orientation programs are designed to give international students the knowledge they need to adjust quickly. Classes combine knowledge and practice to help students learn abstract concepts much faster. Also, San Diego has a good network of companies, and there are many opportunities for students who choose to enter the job market with their undergraduate degrees. Their libraries are world-class, and loan laptops are available to students that can’t afford one. Finally, with undergraduate tuition of around USD$17,430, this is one university to consider.

4.    Duquesne University

This is a private university that’s located in Pittsburgh, USA. It has a relatively small but diverse student body comprising about 600 students. If you’re looking to attend this university, you’ll want to work hard on your college application essay, as the acceptance rate is about 77%. If you get admitted, there are many libraries where you won’t find it hard to work on your papers. However, if you ever feel overwhelmed with academic work, you can always pay Grabmyessay for research paper service. This website offers prices as low as $10.99, and if you need your work fast, they can deliver within 3 hours, albeit at an extra price.

5.    Trinity College Dublin

Located in Dublin, Ireland, Trinity College is a prestigious public institution with a large student body. It has consistently ranked high over the years, with 3 of Trinity College alums being Nobel Prize winners. Dublin is also a busy hub of commerce, and with an extensive network of highly influential alumni, you should find it relatively easy to get your dream job. Tuition ranges from €20,003 – €26,985 per year, but there are many academic and sports scholarships to choose from.


Healthcare is a great field to study, and many universities worldwide offer courses in it. However, getting a degree shouldn’t be your only target. With some colleges mentioned in this article, you can get much more. So if you or anyone is trying to decide on the best university to attend, consider sharing this article.

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