Start a career after graduation

Start a career after graduation

Karrierestart nach dem StudiumOn the first Job after graduation, many graduates go cheer: Finally they get a salary, to finally show what you can! But as the profession’s successful entry right? The new guide‘s going on – My career of Michael Bloss and Christian Peksen answers to your questions about the application, the first days in a new Job, and also the following working day. The book is published with UVK.

The authors give valuable tips for application writing and interview guide the reader through an Assessment centre and indicate important elements in the contract of employment. After the job offer need to claim job seekers in their new company. For this challenge, the authors consider helpful information: they show how the readers of your everyday work actively

make can how with Feedback and setbacks is a deal and how real Networking works. And hardly in the profession arrived, the first perspective questions about the “new life”: The guide gives tips about a personal Three-year Plan, the issue of training and the famous

Work-Life Balance.

The book is aimed at students of all disciplines.

The Authors
Senator E. h. Michael Bloss is Director of the Commerzbank AG and the European Institute of Financial Engineering and derivatives research (EIFD). He teaches at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen (HfWU) International financial management, and Financial Engineering. Christian Peksen completed an apprenticeship as a financial assistant at Commerzbank AG. A degree in psychology at the University of Vienna. He in-depth in particular topics related to the job-related aptitude testing (including personnel selection processes, the test theory and the conceptualization of Assessment centers).

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Karrierestart nach dem Studium

Michael Bloss, Christian Peksen

There you go – My career

Study in the square

1. Edition 2018

171 Pages, Paperback

ET may 2018