The challenging role of the project Manager

The challenging role of the project Manager

The project Manager defines, leads and manages the project. He is responsible for the fulfilment of the project contract, and thus for the achievement of the project goals under the given conditions.

In this respect, the project Manager is obliged to inform the internal Client informed about the progress of the project. The chances of success of the project Manager are determined by the degree of support by the company management and the related decision-making competence.

In the project start-up phase, the project Manager prepares the project planning and implementation, in particular through the specification of the project contract. In the ideal case, he puts together the appropriate Team for completion of tasks. He leads the project staff, coordinates the project planning and implementation, he is responsible, in cooperation with the project controller, the control of the project, operates the project marketing and reported to the competent Authorities.

On the basis of these extensive tasks, it is clear that a project Manager is an “entrepreneur in the enterprise”. His role, he needs, besides a good knowledge of project management methodologies excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

At the same time he must be with the strategic goals of the company and the company’s processes. Not least, he needs a stable base of expertise.

A large part of the communication of the project Manager, the interaction with the line organization of the company. Here it is of advantage if the project Manager is well networked. In addition, it applies in Particular to maintain the interfaces between the project team and clients, as well as those of the project management office and the Client. Of course, the responsibility of the project Manager is also the interfaces and the work atmosphere within the project team, in short: Him the lead role in the project.