How exciting can be Economics – An economic Thriller

How exciting can be Economics – An economic Thriller

So spannend kann VWL sein – Ein WirtschaftskrimiAs Lester Sternberg, one Morning, comes to work, nothing is as it once was. Because he is under arrest on suspicion of his boss, Professor van Slyke, murdered. In order to prove his innocence he is looking for on your own after the real culprit. The help he receives from the student, Milena, and he can use very well, because the murderer of his doctor father is now behind him. The reason for that is his scientific work on the criticism of the banking system? But who would kill because of it?

A fast-paced chase across Europe begins, in the case of some banks, and an international research Institute involved. Light in the Dark could bring well-known Economists. The have long since died, but their ideas are more important than ever!

Reader votes

From Keynes to Hayek, this new type of economic crime spans a wide arc through the history of dogma, and shows how current, relevant, and murderously entertaining Economics can be.” Prof. Peter Bofinger, University of Würzburg, Germany & German Council of economic experts for the assessment of overall economic development

Keynes has been since the financial crisis, re-discovered – not to the delight of all. In this book an exciting Thriller. Reading and recommended!“ Prof. Claudia Kemfert, head of the Department energy, transportation, environment at DIW Berlin

A very different kind of Economics to approach it with irony, and embedded in a crime.” Prof. Achim Wambach, President of the centre for European economic research (ZEW)

The Authors

Johann Graf Lambsdorff is Professor of economic theory at the University of Passau. Scientific publications on institutional Economics, behavioral Economics, and macroeconomics. In particular, as a corruption researcher, he has over professionals. In 1995, he developed the corruption perception index of Transparency International, the business press reported on a regular basis.

Björn Frank is a Professor of Economics at the University of Kassel. He is also a Creative Writing coach and leads occasional writing workshops for young scientists. Numerous scientific and some popular science publications, also under the Pseudonym of Lille björn two children’s books in the Esslinger Verlag, and a number of scattered, short prose, for example, in the reading stage magazines Exotic and Salbader.

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So spannend kann VWL sein – Ein Wirtschaftskrimi

Johann Graf Lambsdorff Björn Frank

Money coagulation

An Economic Crime

192 Pages, Softcover

ET 14. August 2017