An effective form of marketing

An effective form of marketing

In the digital stream, the ongoing availability of Knowledge, advertising messages, value propositions, and News to have Events, especially of: orientation! No communication action is similar well suited when it comes to contact with the potential target group in exchange. In B2B Marketing, the today is indispensable, because the information are in the 21st century. A century of globally available products, their Use and their performance are transparent and thousands of users commented and rated. Functional is replaceable. Not experience. What companies offer their participants, at events, remains unique. Events make all the difference in the digital stream. Susanne Doppler lights in the new release of B2B event marketing, the different facets of the B2B event marketing with a focus on physical, virtual, and hybrid Events. The book is published at UVK Lucius/utb.

The author discusses the importance of end-to-end event concept, to a CRM-based method of measuring success. It takes into account the great importance of social media and the opportunities of digitisation in the B2B communication. Also selected, pratizipative formats will be presented: These range from the classic panel to (Speed)Dating and formats such as Fishbowls, BarCamps and book springs.

The book is aimed at students of marketing and event management and is also due to the numerous examples of the practice target group (event planner).

The Author:

Dr. Susanne Doppler is a Professor of event management at the Hochschule für Internationales Management Heidelberg.

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Eine effektive Form des Marketings

Susanne Doppler

B2B event marketing

1. Edition

In 2016, 205 pages