The standard work on the subject of explanatory video

The standard work on the subject of explanatory video

Das Standardwerk zum Thema ErklärvideoDishwasher repair, pies to bake, statistics, understand, hairstyles – Video-how-to-guides individuals and businesses to be clicked in the Web millions of times. According to the current Bitkom study on the future of Consumer Technology in 2017 have already been to 45 per cent of Internet users aged 14 years and over Video Tutorials. Two

Years ago, there were still 37 percent. Against this Background, companies are required, your communication to this changing customer behavior. The new release shows explainer videos easy to successfully from novel Simschek and Sahar Kia clearly and on the basis of numerous practical examples, what the creation of a

successful explainer videos is important. And all this without the technology-in Latin! The book is published with UVK.

The authors provide answers to the questions, such as optimal design and production runs, as the process of creating works and also how readers are the optimal providers for your explanatory video. In addition, they provide Software solutions and many Tools that support the reader, your own Tutorial simply and easily

to create. Important notes were integrated as check lists help the Knowledge of this book.

The book is addressed to employees in the areas of Marketing and corporate communications, as well as aspiring video producers.

The Authors

Novel Simschek and Sahar Kia are the founder and owner of Sell GmbH in Wiesbaden, Germany, a provider of explainer videos in Germany.


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Das Standardwerk zum Thema Erklärvideo



Novel Simschek, Sahar Kia

Explainer videos easy to be successful

1. Edition in 2017

141 Pages, Hardcover

ISBN 978-3-86764-815-8

€ (D) 29,99

ET September 2017