mixing of fiction and reality

mixing of fiction and reality

Vermischung von Fiktion und RealitätAugmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) combines the real and digital worlds to create an interactive and immersive experience. Whether Information or Entertainment – the new realities change the way we interact with Content. For companies and agencies intriguing application opportunities – Smartphones, Tablets, or with AR – and MR-glasses. The 2., revised and expanded edition of the book Augmented and Mixed Reality Dirk Schart and Nathaly Tschanz shows how the technologies work and how they can be used. The book is published with UVK.

AR and MR only understands, who explored and experienced. The authors are convinced. This basic idea follows this practice guide provides a deep understanding of the new visualization media. Numerous Best-Practice examples, and Live Demos are directly from the book. Ten Milestones in the App development help in the practical implementation of AR – and MR-projects.

The book is aimed at agencies, students and decision-makers in the Marketing, media and communications, who would like to learn more about Augmented and Mixed Reality and their successful use.

The Authors:

Dirk Gathers is Head of PR & Marketing at Augmented Reality company RE’FLEKT in Munich, Germany. He writes for WeAreAR, and was called in well-known magazines such as TechCrunch, HuffingtonPost, T3N, or business week.

Nathaly Tschanz is at Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland as Head of Digital Content for the observer and also advises companies on digital projects and the creation of Content strategies. She studied New Media Journalism and has many years of

Experience in corporate communications, Marketing and media.

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Vermischung von Fiktion und Realität


Dirk Schart, Nathaly Tschanz

Augmented and Mixed Reality

for Marketing, media and Public Relations

2., a restyling. and erw. Edition in 2017

190 Pages, Paperback

ISBN 978-3-86764-822-6

€ (D) 29,99

ET October 2017