Our Top 10 book recommendations for Christmas

Our Top 10 book recommendations for Christmas

Unsere Top 10 Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten

Only a month until Christmas eve and you still have not a single gift? Don’t Panic! We tell you our Top 10 books for Christmas. To yourself give or receive a gift. Have fun!

Unsere Top 10 Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten

We can’t choose with whom we work together. But we can to learn how to deal with difficult people.

Nello Gaspardo is doing in his book Of hard dogs and Hyper-active monkey nine different types of people on the basis of animal pictures before and tells you in a clear and attractively illustrated, what you in dealing with these people should know and how you communicate correctly.

In this Video the author presents his book in person – check it out!

Unsere Top 10 Buchempfehlungen zu WeihnachtenCould be a scientific thesis on the criticism of the banking system by Lester Sternberg of the reason for the murder of his doctor father? But who would kill because of it? An exciting chase across Europe begins, in the several banks, and an international research Institute involved. The key to solving the murder might

well-known Economists deliver. The have long since died, but their ideas are more important than ever!

Money coagulation shows, as well as the relevat and murderously entertaining Economics can be!

Unsere Top 10 Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten

Unsere Top 10 Buchempfehlungen zu WeihnachtenThe 2., revised edition of the book Gold: From the myth to the value system offers an exciting and varied introduction to the topic of “Gold”. The author of the arch of the use of the precious metal in the history, about the support, or the removal, up to the investment opportunities of the present time.

Also current production and financial and economic relationships, as well as value and currency hedging issues.


Unsere Top 10 Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten


The Modern epoch has been

the digital age replaced. Now

it is time to draw up a balance: How can the

Modern will be set forth in their entirety?

What achievements has she brought forth?

The values, objectives and norms of the Modern in the digital age, are now obsolete?

Werner Heinrichs delivers with his book The Modern: the balance sheet of an era, the answers.


The interview is done and the first work contract has not been signed. Now have to claim career-starters in their everyday work. Not only is it technically a challenge, because the communication in a company differs quite significantly from the in school or studying.

The Advisor Business rhetoric for newcomers, the shows varied and easy to implement the rules of the game and tricks the professionals, talking with supervisors, dealing with (un)fair colleagues or in Negotiations with service providers and customers need.


Unsere Top 10 Buchempfehlungen zu WeihnachtenThe life of high school students characterized by high expectations after a quick degree with good grades and numerous internships abroad. All of this creates pressure and cost power. A largee load, however, can in exhaustion up to Burnout as a result.

In a Chilled and relaxed through the study of the author to convey inner techniques and strategies, which help to create a relaxed study.


Unsere Top 10 Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten

The counselor Without fear, at the controls gives you an easy method with which you can get the fear of driving test and drive a car easily in the handle.

He goes on concrete moments of fear – for example,

– the Parking on a busy street,

– Overtaking on a country road or

– the driving on to a motorway.

He also offers valuable tips, ranging from the driving school of choice to drive a car in a foreign country!


Unsere Top 10 Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten

Sport boat driving licence lake gives compact easy for you to quickly and easily everything you need for the examination to become a sport boat driving licence lake. You will learn both the Knowledge for the theory test as well as for the practice of required knots, navigation skills and maneuver.

Selected topics you can learn by exercise video.Unsere Top 10 Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten



The level of trust in our modern money system decreases. Alternative currencies, which, thanks to computers and the Internet becoming more and more professional in their operation, get new inlet. You can to solve the current problems?

You will learn through the exciting book, A world without money, more about the current monetary system and its Alternatives in the Form of a substitute or complementary currencies, which could create new confidence.


Unsere Top 10 Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten

The papacy and the economy – this is not a contradiction. In the book The third way of the popes, the authors of these issues and to show that many popes engaged in the social encyclicals, very comfortable with the topic of the economy, especially in times of economic upheaval.

You get an impression about the perspective of the individual popes and their understanding of Economics and labour. The conclusion of the Encyclical of the current Pope, the calls for “Laudato si” a Reform of the market economic system.


More interesting books, see www.uvk.de