The right tool for each Problem

The right tool for each Problem

The taxes of a company and its business areas not only requires technical and economic Know-how, but also skill and vision. Appropriate tools can provide this support. The business administration has prepared this and developed it further, with a view to changes in management tasks and environments. But what tools, instruments or methods are actually proven and effective? And which approach is suitable in what Situation and for what tasks? The new manual for business methods by Michael Nagel and Christian Mieke provides the answers.

The book provides a manual for the classification, selection and application of key methods for supporting business decisions, operating. Each method is briefly and accurately presented. The reader can apply at the end of each Chapter, the method of direct and useful in the company. As a result, complex real-world problems in a structured way to analyze, interpret, and an optimal solution can be determined.

The book is addressed to students of Economics and related studies courses. In addition, it serves professionals and executives in all areas of the company as a handy reference.

The authors: Professor Dr. Michael Nagel is a Professor in the faculty of Economics at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart and head of the bachelor programme in business administration-International Business. Prof. Dr. Christian Mieke is Professor for General business administration, especially innovation management at the Brandenburg University of applied Sciences.

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Das richtige Werkzeug für jedes Problem

Michael Nagel / Christian Mieke

Business methods

Manual for study and practice

1. Edition 2014

379 pages, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-8252-8564-7

€ (D) 39,99

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