spectre study discontinuation

spectre study discontinuation

Around 28 percent of German bachelor students from the break, according to a study conducted by the hochschul-Informations-system (HIS) of 2010 their studies. The reasons for this may not be passing exams, performance residue, loss of interest or loss of motivation. But how to go further? Peter Piolot known as the academic Advisor of this Problem very well and shows with his new counselors, dropout and Alternative, as students come to a decision, implement it, and ultimately profit from the crisis.

The book helps to assess individual deficits and to distinguish Overload from lack of interest. It is the different Alternatives, the students in this decision-making situation sketched in addition. They range from more efficient more about to make a change to Start in the practice of the profession.

This guide is aimed at students of all disciplines.

The author: Peter Piolot is working in the Central student Advisory service of the University of Cologne.


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Schreckgespenst Studienabbruch



Peter Piolot

Student dropout and Alternative

1. Edition 2014

190 pages, softcover

ISBN 978-3-8252-4104-9

€ (D) 9,99