risk measurement and control

risk measurement and control

Natural disasters, price fluctuations, payment failures, companies today are confronted more than ever with a variety of risks. In addition to the question of how potential losses are reduced. also, the analysis of potential positive events – opportunities – of great

Importance. Therefore, active risk management is a Central Element of a modern corporate management. The new release of risk management by Kirsten Wüst gives a compact insight into the basics and presents in a clear and easily understandable methods for the quantification.

The author demonstrates how financial risks are sensibly managed, and specifically on the market-, credit-, liquidity – and operational risk. They explained the instruments to control and systematized all the major the quantitative determination of possibilities of risks.

Each of the Chapter objectives with learning, and an everyday example, initiated, and by further literature tips is completed. Exercises with solutions, which are “run by Hand”, or in Excel, serve to further deepening of the substance. Cartoons loosen up the subject matter.

The book is aimed at both Bachelor’s and Master’s students in business and economic courses, as well as to interested practitioners.

Author: Prof. Dr. Kirsten Wüst teaches at the University of Pforzheim.

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Kirsten Wüst

Risk management

An introduction with applications in Excel

1. Edition 2014, 324 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8252-8572-2

€ (D) 24,99