The principles of the old and the new Economy

The principles of the old and the new Economy

The “old” Economics of industry, retail, banks, etc. built up over decades, step by step, with lots of jobs. You could disappear due to the “new” digital Economy in barely a decade, in large Parts. The “old” Economy is guided by principles such as greater efficiency, rationalisation and capital maximization. The mission statement is the Homo oeconomicus. The “old” Economics has developed their specific techniques and methods.

The beginnings were Taylor’s scientific management and Ford’s Assembly-line work. In the middle of the last century, the “old” Economy discovered the potential of Electronic data processing (EDP). With the Computer of the Homo Economicus gets a body, with the Algorithms a Ghost.

Due to the growing demand for computers and networks, the beginnings of a “new arising from the” old “Economy”, with global corporations such as IBM, Siemens, Cisco, etc. with competitive pressure and market constraints lead to a global demand for the “old” Economy to powerful computers and software products.

So we are faced with the Situation that the “new” Economy could develop by the orders of the “old” Economy by leaps and bounds. She delivered the components for a global IT infrastructure with mainframes, Clients to servers, PCs, Internet technologies, protocols, and Software.

Between universities, research institutions, and business world savvy tinkerers with big visions cavort since the 1970s, technically – is representative of the many Bill Gates, Steve Jobs called. Soon a second Generation of the “new” Economy – including Page, Brin, Zuckerberg – who is about to take over the infrastructure of the “old” Economy. A new digital infrastructure with new business models is growing.

The California garage tinkerers turn out to be as the Internet giant a “new” Economy.

Die Prinzipien der alten und der neuen ÖkonomieData, with not visible micro-computers and Sensors are now even to the raw material. With the metaphor of “Big Data” bundle of a lack of transparency and the Fears of many people. Big Data the “new” Economy of promises, predictions, for the purpose of efficient control of the infrastructure, and Trends for the development of new products. The data remain solely in the possession of the owner of the “new” Economy.

Based on this data, and as a result of new digital products, such as home automation, car electronics, drones, digital currencies, etc. penetrates the “new” Economy more in the domain of the “old” one. With Google, Facebook & co. gigantic the global monopolies.

Conclusion: A “spider’s web” is equal to, the IT System of the “new” Economy than the “old” Economy and the life-world.

The Text comes from the current book to The Google’s core and other spider web of Arno Rolf, and Arno Sagawe – available at well-assorted bookstores and online. The book anticipates the future. It describes the exact way of our society in the Digital world – in the Smart society. Invisible is now visible.