The Plan of the plans

The Plan of the plans

The project structure plan serves as a basis for all further plans, and is therefore also referred to as a “Plan of plans”. A project structure plan is to

  • a good Overview of the project in its entirety and the individual tasks,
  • the completeness of the individual tasks to ensure that
  • as a basis for the division of labour in the project by work packages are defined, a clearly responsible to delegate and
  • the Basis for the necessary coordination at the interfaces between the work packages.

What types of project structure plans are there? There are four different methods of classification can be distinguished, the different articulated project structure plans as a result of:

  1. The object-oriented structure
  2. The function-oriented structure
  3. The phase-oriented structure
  4. The mixed structure

(1) In the case of the object-oriented structure parts, the structuring of the individual components (objects) that are needed for the project. This method is mostly used when the project has been the production of a product to the target, such as building a house or creating a software program. The Dissection is then carried out according to the technical structure of the planned product.

(2) do you design a function-oriented project structure plan, so the project is broken down into individual tasks, which are necessary for the realization of the project is necessary. This is particularly useful if the project encompasses aspects that go beyond the production of a product, such as, for example, a successful introduction to the market, or the opening up of procurement markets.

(3) In the case of a phase-oriented project structure plan (and process-oriented PSP) are placed, the phases of the respective process model structuring based on.

(4) In the framework of a joint procedure of the above combined method to practical usefulness. Particularly useful is the outline appear here to objects in the higher levels, and a further split-up after operations in the lower levels. This method has developed out of the needs of the practice and allows for the full recognition of all the Work that must be done in the framework of the project.

Because the creation of a project structure plan is usually very time – and labor-intensive, can be applied in practice, often default project structure plans. Of course, they can only be used if the projects have a similar structure. They are often used only as a basis and then in the planning phase of the project-specific adaptation.