Time management: The ALPS-method

Our author Rödiger Voss describes, in the context of scientific work in the study of the success factor time management and a simple method: The so-called ALPS-method.

  • Tasks note: In the first step, a kind of “To-do-list” is created. It is all the tasks that are performed in the context of scientific work should be noted. Support may be in the Grasp of the tasks of this book, the chairs, the requirements of teaching, previous experience or information from fellow students. The tasks should be sorted by type of activity and the place where the activity is executed.
  • Zeitmanagement: Die ALPEN-MethodeLength estimate: In the next step, an estimated, realistic time plan. The estimated time effort with a time limit should not be too tight, as this may act in the case of non-compliance with demotivating.
  • Buffer times: In scientific Work, it is like in real life: things are happening that were not planned in the Form, or not to anticipate. At the beginning of the scientific work process, a time is estimated to be effort love to the wrong. For the individual working steps, a period estimate is to be fixed in advance, plus a certain buffer of time for unforeseen problems. This will help to avoid Stress and lead to more Serenity. 60 – 70 % of the day should be scheduled, and 30 – 40% as a buffer given. Time pressure is reduced by this measure.
  • Decision: In this fourth step, the tasks are to be sorted appropriately, and to arrange according to their urgency and structure in a timetable. For example, it is appropriate that a thorough literature search must be performed before the writing process can be started. The result of this step should be a rough schedule, until the deadline for the work as well as daily schedules as a fine outline.

It is important that the work plan be noted as a result of writing. Here is the time for topic selection, literature search, scientific reading and writing, as well as the time should be recorded for the submission. Milestones should be recorded, such as important agreements with the lecturers. Milestones showing Progress in the employment process and serve as the units of measurement to critical points. If a milestone cannot be met, you must proceed immediately to the correction.

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