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How can you make as an Economist with mathematics and statistics impression

Who wants to be in the Economics a little, you should master the art to Shine with the mathematical and econometric skills. Because these skills are, however, seldom so outstanding, as one would like, are increasingly in demand conman of talents, in order to assert itself and not as a poet ridiculed.

In this post described the style of economic research has since become the world’s dominant, and he dominated more and more the behavior of the current and coming Generation of authors, reviewers, publishers of Journals and members of appeal commissions in the economic Sciences. Like the above players behavior is highly interdependent. Appropriate behavior expectations a self-sustaining process of monopolization has been set in motion, has superseded all the other paradigms almost completely. The, also from the point of view of a Statistician, in the highest degree deplorable process virtually provokes an Ironic approach, which may help to win this science style a little distance and to disenchant him, what is urgently needed.

In this sense, Professor of the lip describes what you need to do nowadays as chair of the candidate and what you should not do. Similarly, he, what it is necessary to observe, in order to make the listener in a Colloquium, a good figure, or how you can make as the author of a economic scientific Papers on the psychology of the reviewers to Use. All these questions are just practical tips – a kind of concrete help in life not tempted by the lip – to give. Rather, the point is to show how much is in the current scene of the Economy is understandable, if the ever-present desire in order to be clear scientifically, and from a mere “journalism” to sell. This shows that mathematics and statistics – the higher the level, the better – is essential and their value is not high enough to assess.

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