The Hiking tourism is on the upswing

The Hiking tourism is on the upswing

(Press release) Under the Hashtag “Hiking” to be currently found on Instagram nearly 290,000 contributions (the English variant of “hiking” even comes to just under 11.700.000 contributions). These Figures reveal: The Hiking is a big issue in this and many other Social Networks and delighted in all the old layers of new popularity. But what are the motives that move people to migrate and how these insights are used by marketing strategies and Management are aware of? These questions and many more Gabriele M. Knoll answered in the guide wall tourism. The book is published at UVK Lucius/utb.


The author discusses the many facets of Hiking tourism and as a result gives a thorough Overview of the history, current Trends and the future of Hiking. It specifically refers to Marketing and management aspects in Hiking tourism, and takes a look on the “German box”. Some examples from Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and Portugal show, which in other destinations

busy. Also the latest developments in Hiking tourism, such as theme tours, GPS-Hiking, and pilgrims.

The book is suitable for training and study in the field of tourism and for the practice.

The Author:

Dr. Gabriele M. Knoll teaches Sustainable tourism at the Hochschule Rhein-Waal in Kleve. She has been involved in various tourism projects at home and abroad, and author of tourist trade and educational books as well as numerous travel guides.


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Der Wandertourismus im Aufschwung




Gabriele M. Knoll

Manual Wall Tourism

1. Edition

In 2016, 250 pages, zahlr. Pictures

ISBN 978-3-8252-4548-1

€ (D) 24,99