The legal facets of medicine to understand

The legal facets of medicine to understand

(Press release) The medical law, a cross-sectional area of the Law, the affected in addition to the Public law and also civil law and criminal law. As a stand-alone area of law, it is perceived only in the past few years. The book of medical law by Constanze Janda introduces well-versed in the young area of law and presents it in its versatility. The 3. Edition completely revised and updated with UVK Lucius/utb.

The author is on the right of the statutory health insurance funds, the medical profession and the legal relations between Doctors and patients. Also, the contract physician law, the provision of services by hospitals, as well as the supply of medicines and medical AIDS law and lit, finally, the medical liability law and the criminal liability of Doctors.

The latest developments in the case law are presented as well as reform of the legislature.

The book is aimed at lawyers, physicians, health economists and nursing scientists in study and practice.


The Author:

Constanze Janda is a Professor of social law, European labour law and General civil law at the SRH University Heidelberg.


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Die rechtlichen Facetten der Medizin verstehen




Constanze Janda

Medical law

3., compl. revised. and the actual. Edition

In 2016, 416 pages

ISBN 978-3-8252-4598-6

€ (D) 29,99