practical Handbook of Augmented Reality

practical Handbook of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most exciting media in the age of digital communication and Content Marketing. The current Hype around the Pokémon go. However, the potential of AR is not fully exploited in the Marketing, media and communication area by far. The reason is that In the past was mainly about the technical aspects of spoken, but not about the wide range of application possibilities. The “practical Handbook of Augmented Reality” by Dirk Schart and Nathaly Tschanz provides exactly this, and shows also, what is the Use of AR for companies.

AR understands just who explored and experienced. The authors Dirk Schart and Nathaly Tschanz are convinced. Precisely for this reason that in mind, the Handbook of best practices: Many Best Practice examples and Live-Demos are directly from the book. In addition, it provides a deep understanding of the new visualization medium. Ten Milestones in the App development help in the practical implementation of AR projects.

Praxishandbuch Augmented Reality

The book is aimed at agencies, students and decision-makers in the Marketing, media and communications, who would like to learn more about Augmented Reality and their successful use.





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Praxishandbuch Augmented Reality



Dirk Schart, Nathaly Tschanz

Practical Handbook Of Augmented Reality

for Marketing, media and Public Relations

192 pages

ISBN 978-3-86764-602-4

€ (D) 29,99