step-by-step optimisation

step-by-step optimisation

(Press release) Many companies do not meet the expectations of their customers. The reasons are usually due to deficiencies in systems and processes. In practice, manual process management Peter Posluschny explains about how, by identifying the customer requirements of a targeted adjustment of the processes can be realized, and this leads to a permanent process modeling and improvement. The title appears on UVK.

This book provides the optimal introduction to the various elements of process management. It shows how the success factors open up, but also where hurdles and obstacles to hide. In a final step, the possibilities of the practical implementation of measures for optimization of processes will be shown in an easy understandable and clear. Numerous tables, Summaries and literature tips about the book.

About the author

Peter Posluschny is an economist, an economist, and business educator. After a career in various companies, build a non-profit educational institution and Lecturers for business and Economics, he deals in particular with questions of the existence, creation, controlling and business process optimization in enterprises.


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Peter Posluschny

Practice Guide-Process Management

Customer-Orientation, Modeling, Optimization

2., revised edition

In 2016, 260 pages

ISBN 978-3-86764-687-1

€ (D) 39,99