leadership case studies

leadership case studies

(Press release) following the successful manual and guide can be Run in the new release Lead and Lead, in practice, by Bernd Blessin and Alexander Wick (EDS.) different problems of personnel management on the basis of numerous case examples of solution-oriented fashion. Here, practitioners from various industries, from small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations. The book is published at UVK Lucius/utb.

Along the nine chapters of the classic, and the result of the content of the book will Lead you on the basis of the case examples illustrated. The authors describe a wide range of management approaches, as well as Diversity, leadership effectiveness, leadership in change processes and virtual Teams in today’s daily management routine. In addition to automotive, IT and communication companies and numerous other industries are represented, such as engineering, banking and insurance, public administrations or ecclesiastical institutions.

The book is suitable for study and practice alike. It gives valuable impulses for research, your own development or that of the team or of the company.

The Authors:

Dr. Bernd Blessin is as head of personnel and Organisation at the VPV insurance. In addition, he is on the Board of BPM (Federal Association of personnel managers e. V.).

Dr. Alexander Wick is Professor for business administration, ESP. Human resources management at the International University of cooperative education Darmstadt. His research focuses on personnel selection, employee retention, virtual cooperation as well as competence diagnostics and development.


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Führung in Fallbeispielen



Bernd Blessin, Alexander Wick

Lead and lead in the practice

Case examples

1. Edition

In 2016, 386 pages

ISBN 978-3-8252-8657-6

€ (D) 34,99



Führung in Fallbeispielen




Bernd Blessin, Alexander Wick

Lead and lead

7., full. a restyling.Ed.

In 2013, 532 pages

ISBN 978-3-8252-8532-6

€ (D) 49,99