gold price – All speculation?

gold price – All speculation?

Already for years, voices have warned of an overpriced price of gold. Of a gold price bubble was there to read and investors who do not know what you are doing. Nevertheless, the gold price rose further. Of a bubble, nothing is in sight. Why is this so?

The price of gold is not just any commodity price, like Oil or silver. Gold is a separate currency, a barometer for the economy and for the political situation in the world. Individual economies are not determinative but the Constitution of the world economy. With the Sign of the Subprime crisis and the subsequent financial crises, which leads to the current sovereign debt crisis (although you have to consider this independently of each other), has increased the price of gold. The reason for this is that Gold is the only haptic store of value, medium of the world, which has a fungibility. Of course, shares can be transferred to these numbers as the company’s involvement in the case, however, “breathe”, these values stronger. The volatility is much stronger than that of Gold.

Gold is the asset for more than 2000 years, the investment vehicle for the family. Although not the only factor, because the price of gold varies, nevertheless, in any case, not to neglect the value of resources.

Are no speculators in the gold market?

But, as in any market, there are also speculators. These are for the market and the price transparency is essential and absolutely important. But the speculation is kept within limits. As you can in the graphic above (source: Thomson Reuters), will change the speculative positions also and so are far from rich as many would assume.


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