national bankruptcy?!

national bankruptcy?!

A national bankruptcy power, not the disaster that, one might think! So carefree, like some politicians, especially in the last few weeks, with this theme in the media bypasses. But how dramatic this can be, shows the past. This, however, also shows how often it’s come to this.

The record in the go Bankrupt, it keeps Spain (see Hansmann, Marc: Before the third state of bankruptcy?). Also other so well-established States such as France were often bankrupt.The history books show us.

But what is going to save us if but anyway, every couple of decades, the Chaos that threatens?

Well, Yes, there is too much controversy would be in the game, I’d say “Gold to the rescue”. Nevertheless, it can help us in the noble metal on the way out of the crisis. And no, I’m not talking about that Germany in such a scenario, even if our country has already been bankrupt. It is global and therefore complex relationships.

But how all these things go together? What are the solutions for the ailing countries of Europe?

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Interview: BSTV

Facts: Hansmann, Marc: Before the third bankruptcy?