greed for Gold: price increases for another five years

greed for Gold: price increases for another five years

In spite of the high price of gold there is no bubble in the yellow metal. Michael Bloss, author of the new book is “The greed for Gold”.

The Director of the European Institute of Financial Engineering and derivatives research has been in the book the myth of the precious metal are set apart and comes to the conclusion:“the Gold was in almost all of the times a stable value Investments.”

The need for stability is at the moment, the main motive for the demand. This tried-and-true correlations are, however, so without further ADO valid.

“The connection between the dollar and the gold price has weakened, as is the negative correlation between stock market and gold price no longer valid“, has Just found. The connection between Inflation and Gold is still valid: “If there is to be a strong Inflation comes, the price of gold sharply dressed.”

In view of the crisis of development he sees a good Foundation for “rising prices – at least five years.” Gold belong to it as “property, plant, and” in each Depot. He recommends a ten percent share of.

The book: The greed for Gold

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