attracting customers through Guerilla Marketing

attracting customers through Guerilla Marketing

In order to attract as quickly as possible and in a targeted manner a great deal of attention for potential new customers, offer particularly spectacular actions of the so-called “guerrilla marketing”. Under

this term summarises all the measures, the target group, with unconventional methods, unconventional methods of

Channels is achieved. This often takes place on the edge of legality and requires a tremendous amount of creativity, courage and also the willingness of any warnings or penalties.

Tactics of guerrilla marketing

According to Wikipedia, there are (in part) the following examples of tactics:

  • Word-of-mouth
  • the consumer in his daily activity to achieve, for example, by E-mail
  • Sticker and poster campaigns
  • “Forehead/Head-Vertise”Campaigns
  • Bluejacking: Sending a personal message via Bluetooth
  • Vehicle advertising
  • T-Shirts
  • Surreptitious advertising
  • Advertising on the receipt
  • Street branding: Attaching a template, images, Etc. on streets or walls, projection of images, texts or Videos on public surfaces.

But guerrilla Marketing is very hard to define and narrow it down.So you could

for example, word-of-mouth recommendation marketing. E-Mail Marketing could be seen as a standalone marketing tool, unless you want to refer to Spam as “guerrilla tactics”. Vehicle advertising and T-Shirts are rather unique to the classical action, except to place his vehicle directly in front of the building to the competitor, and shows up with his T-Shirt sent in front of a television camera. Advertising on the receipt, I would categorize it more under customer loyalty programmes.

Guerrilla Marketing is, as a special Form of small-scale warfare (against an overpowering opponent) refused to Name makes it very clear, radical, public, effective, and surprising.

Well-known and remarkable examples of

Since it is precisely in this Form of marketing creativity, originality, and audacity, more are asked, as all scientific definitions assume some direction, here are examples to illustrate the various possibilities:

  • the Beer Babes at the FIFA world Cup 2006: surreptitious advertising without advertising
  • the Cellulite Sofa as a plausible visualization of the effect of Nivea
  • the corpse in the trunk, as a dramatic campaign for the Mafia television series “The Sopranos”
  • the clam trap – a beautiful, typical human curiosity, targeted to the action of a restaurant in Mumbai, India
  • the Zebra stripes of Mr. Clean – a clean street action, which is immediately understandable
  • the action Jeep Parking – with very little colour says a lot (to the image)
  • the Post-it-action of Germanwings – all of the letter boxes throughout the city district

  • the action Dramatic Surprise – an elaborate guerrilla action by a Belgian TV channel (for the Video)

All measures have in common that they have kindled for a relatively small Budget (up to the last example) an enormous impact, locally, as a mouth-to-mouth-Propaganda, and especially by the massive subsequent presence in the media, as well as the mass viral spread in forums, Blogs, and Social networks.

But it is precisely here that we are also in the dark side of guerrilla marketing. These measures are designed primarily to attract attention. In the best case, if the action is done well, it produces even sympathy values.

These are the first two hurdles on the way to a more positive (buying) decision, so customer acquisition. For a pure and direct customer acquisition strategy, guerrilla can’t help you with Marketing alone. It is only in addition can be used, embedded in a strategic communication concept, and only if, it is a truly original action.

Possible legal consequences

If you are now inspired and for your company in such a campaign or action plan, then you should definitely seek advance advice from a qualified marketing consultant and a competition law specialist lawyer. About the possible legal consequences, e.g. in the case of an unannounced action in the public space, you should know in advance and weigh up whether you take the risk. In addition, national, regional and local peculiarities are to be observed, for example, have very different requirements (and approval process) shall apply in German cities for advertising actions in the public space. Also, the penalties for illegal Posting of posters, etc., differ, and what should influence the choice of location for their action.

Read more in the following book:


Kundengewinnung durch Guerilla-Marketing



Ingo Vögele

Customer acquisition in the local environment

62 pages

ISBN 978-3-86764-562-1

€ (D) 12,99