The holiday starts on the Web

The holiday starts on the Web

The decision to Travel on the Internet often begins with search engines such as Google. From there, inspect the travel-hungry to the beaches of satellite images, browse reviews and look for suitable accommodation. The book search engine marketing in tourism Eric Horster goes, both from a theoretical as well as from a practical perspective on the basics of search engine marketing, and shows new developments and Trends.

The author explains in addition to a introduction in the digital search, the basics and requirements for an effective search engine marketing and highlights the two major areas of search engine optimization and advertising in detail.

Each Chapter begins with a brief summary and Definition of learning objectives. The Chapter close, respectively, with exercise questions that encourage more thinking and Recap of the content. Many of the graphics (illustrated by Claudia Uecker) summarize the Written compact and structure of even complex content.

The book is aimed at tourism students and practitioners.


Author: Prof. Dr. Eric Horster is programme Director of the Online master’s program in tourism management, and Professor in the degree programme in International Tourism Management at the University of applied Sciences Western coast in Heide. His work and research focus, he realized in the Institute for Management and tourism (IMT) in the areas of Hospitality Management and digital tourism management.


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Der Urlaub beginnt im Web



Eric Horster

Search engine marketing in tourism

170 pages, softcover

ISBN 978-3-8252-4208-4

€ (D) 14,99