decisions, plan, make and implement successful

decisions, plan, make and implement successful

In business every day decisions are made. They make a significant contribution to the success. The knowledge and skills of the employees or managers are the basis for all important decisions, and thus have a major influence on the competitiveness. Especially lack of business knowledge are among the most common reasons why companies fail in the market. The new release of the decisions in the company of Elisabeth Göbel leads the reader to understand and many examples in the economic decision theory.

The author presents the differences between the normative and descriptive Decision science in detail and explains how you can associate these two branches with each other. Finally, the decision is embedded doctrine in the Management and a recommendation for a good decision architecture. Questions and tasks at the end of each Chapter serve as an additional learning aid.

The book is aimed both at students of business study programs, as well as to interested practitioners.

Author: Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Göbel teaches at the University of Trier and conducts research on the topics of organization, New institutional Economics, Strategic Management and business ethics.


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Entscheidungen planen, treffen und erfolgreich umsetzen



Elisabeth Göbel

Decisions in companies

252 pages

ISBN 978-3-8252-8563-0

€ (D) 24,99