Daily Archives: 2018-09-13

greed is good… and today, this seems to be legal!

Gordon Gekko (Wall Street), this – now legendary words in the mouth: “greed is good… and today seems to be legal!” You should shake up provoke. Because greed is not by definition really bad. What comes as a Bad of it, is the exorbitance, of which the people operate. Don’t worry, this is not the […]

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What to expect from a book business ethics

The questions, such as moral decision-makers in business and economic policy behavior, against the Background of current events as acute as perhaps never before. Literature edit beyond simple counselors or superficial presentations to business ethics the subject objectively, there is little. The new edition of the UTB title business ethics answers these questions objectively, systematically, […]

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Two sides of a coin

The title of the book makes it clear – Sustainable Management and consumer behavior – the progressive resource depletion, environmental pollution and the global warming of the earth’s atmosphere to force serious Changes in industrial production processes on the one hand, and private consumption styles on the other. This compact paperback from Ingo a go […]

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Inflation, Deflation, and the intrinsic values

Just now for the new year, many sheets of writing again as it will probably be in the new year. It is not rarely used in the current discussion about Greece and other debt countries to provide water to the mill of the inflation discussion.   Perceived vs. statistical Inflation Basically, you have to distinguish […]

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