greed is good… and today, this seems to be legal!

greed is good… and today, this seems to be legal!

Gordon Gekko (Wall Street), this – now legendary words in the mouth: “greed is good… and today seems to be legal!”

You should shake up provoke. Because greed is not by definition really bad. What comes as a Bad of it, is the exorbitance, of which the people operate. Don’t worry, this is not the 500. Contribution to the theme of financial crisis. No, the topic is another. Here it comes, why greed brings the people more and what has that to do Gold in order to.

The glory of the eternal metal, Gold has always fascinated her. Wars have been fought about religions and socializations attacked. Back considered seen us have made the tribulations of the time, but to what we are today. You have shaped the history, art, science, and research. Without all these, in part, massively cruel and not good to hot battles would be the history of mankind different. We would not have experienced some of the era, but would also look in today’s world in a different way.

The socialization, which grew out of the greed for Gold, has influenced us more than some of the other. Do you want to know more about it? Read my new book: The greed for Gold

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