Inflation, Deflation, and the intrinsic values

Inflation, Deflation, and the intrinsic values

Just now for the new year, many sheets of writing again as it will probably be in the new year. It is not rarely used in the current discussion about Greece and other debt countries to provide water to the mill of the inflation discussion.


Perceived vs. statistical Inflation

Basically, you have to distinguish the Inflation between the perceived (by the Ombudsman incoming) and the statistical Inflation (which is calculated from the shopping cart). The statistical Inflation in Germany is very stable and very moderate. In the case of perceived Inflation, one can detect, however, a significant increase. Nevertheless, also applies here, of Horroszenarien we are miles away.

Why are value stocks so important?

Substance values secure in the investment of the liquidity of their purchasing power. An investor has liquidity, for example only, it is weakened by the loss of purchasing power, and would be cut, for example, to a Currency directly subjected to. In the case of Substance this is not the case. But what is intrinsic value? It is one of the following categories:

1. Share:

The stock is a stake in the company. It is therefore not only an investment, but also Income item (for example, through dividends).

2. Real estate and Land

Also, here is a classic substance is given the value of the investment. As in the case of the share of real estate to the income of objects, as for this Hire, lease, etc.

3. Gold

Gold is one of the anchor investments. It paid no interest, or the like, in physical Form, as the bottom set of investment inherent in the important.

What happened in 2013 with our money?

This is a question no one can answer seriously. There is the possibility of a forecast. In this Video from Börse Stuttgart TV we go short and sweet on it.

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Interview: Börse Stuttgart TV (BSTV)