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From the Editorial (managing Director Walter Engstle):

Dear readers,

“What makes our books more beautiful,” the comment of a major German daily newspaper the Frankfurter book fair 2012, and the bitter Afterthought, the book would be demoted to the lovers object. I think a lot of in the have

the current E-Hype is not understood yet, what are the benefits a printed book offers. By this I mean not nice Link collection to YouTube movies, or is already 1000-fold into the grid provided comments related to certain topics.

No, it is accurate in every detail and additional offers that the publisher developed together with the authors very specifically to these books.

So Gerald Pilz provides, for example, with his book “Europe in a stranglehold”

a Blog in which he will keep you up to date. In our books “” and “media training” have Moderate access to short tutorial audio and film material, and almost needless to say, the title “Video” lots of movie clips to Practice on. In our UTB textbooks, you can use digital flashcards to prepare for the exams using a Smartphone. And last but not least, seem to support our “boat books” along with an online course secure pass the exam for obtaining a boat leader.

Therefore there is only an Either-Or, Print or Ebook, but a “Together” and a Juxtaposition of the two media. Because who wants to prefer to work with the PC or Tablet will opt for the E-Book, and who wants to prefer to use a book, it does not need to dispense additional Material. You decide, we have where it makes sense to offer both!

With friendly greeting

Your Walter Engstle

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