Daily Archives: 2018-09-08

gold price – All speculation?

Already for years, voices have warned of an overpriced price of gold. Of a gold price bubble was there to read and investors who do not know what you are doing. Nevertheless, the gold price rose further. Of a bubble, nothing is in sight. Why is this so? The price of gold is not just […]

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greed for Gold: price increases for another five years

In spite of the high price of gold there is no bubble in the yellow metal. Michael Bloss, author of the new book is “The greed for Gold”. The Director of the European Institute of Financial Engineering and derivatives research has been in the book the myth of the precious metal are set apart and […]

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personnel management time 3

In the series, UTB Basics just re-appeared: personnel management. The three main schools of thought in an introductory Textbook…     The Textbook offers students an introduction and Overview of the personnel management. It is represented in the three common perspectives: functions of personnel management, financial-oriented human resources management and behavior-oriented personnel management. The content […]

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