the Election of the President of the United States of America – impact on Europe?

the Election of the President of the United States of America – impact on Europe?

Soon it is again so far, US citizens are called for the election of the new President. Incumbent Barack Obama and his Challenger Mitt Romney face the voters favor.

The world is looking to Washington, who will rule the next many years as the most powerful man in the world in the White house? Which of the candidates has the for his voters shift more convincing program.

A question, which, however, in the least, what are the effects of all this on Europe and on us? Europe is in a deep crisis, would directly and indirectly be the result of a change of policy affected.

What is the impact of the whole price on the gold?

After all, the USA is the largest gold holder in the world, and the FED houses in Fort Knox, the largest gold treasure of all economies. Due to this position, the United States are an important indicator for the development of the global economy and, therefore, the price also connected for the gold. Him a much more prominent Position as a separate currency as all other raw materials.

There is a choice forecast?

This graphic (source: Thomson Reuters) the Reuters news Agency, put together a majority in the United States. So it remains exciting, who will go on election night as President-elect from the race.


Price do you want to see more about the gold, the gold deposits and the fact of why this is so important for us all to learn?

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