Why is my rear suspension making noise?

Why is my rear suspension making noise?

Something’s loose in your suspension. If you hear a clunk when the suspension works over bumps, you may have excessive clearance in a joint due to wear. It might be as simple as a loose nut on the strut, or something more subtle such as a shrunken, dried-out rubber bushing.

Is the 2014 MDX reliable?

How Reliable Is the 2014 Acura MDX? The 2014 Acura MDX has a reliability rating of two out of five, according to J.D. Power and Associates. That’s a poor rating for a car overall, and it’s one of the worst ratings in the luxurry miidsize SUV class.

Does 2017 Acura MDX have VCM?

The 2017 MDX is powered by a 3.5-liter direct-injected i-VTEC® 24-valve V-6 engine rated at 290 peak horsepower and 267 lb. -ft. Acura’s i-VTEC® (intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) for the intake valves is combined with Variable Cylinder Management™ (VCM®) in the MDX.

What does a bad rear suspension sound like?

Creaking or grinding noises usually mean something metal is rubbing against something else that’s metal, indicating a bad ball joint, end link, or rubber coil spring isolator. Sharp popping noises may indicate that something is either broken or so worn that it’s causing the suspension to bind up.

What do bad rear shocks sound like?

When going over various bumps, speed bumps, or potholes and your hear a knocking sound, it likely means you have worn shock absorbers. All it would take is for a crack to form in the rubber bushing and it will result in a tapping or knocking sound that you can hear each time you hit a bump while driving.

What’s the best year for Acura MDX?

1. 2015 Acura MDX. For a car that scores 94% based on reliability comfort, value for money, exterior styling, interior design and performance, the 2015 Acura MDX deserves to clinch the top spot in this lineup.

Should I Buy Used Acura MDX?

Is buying a used 2019 Acura MDX a good deal? It is absolutely worth it to purchase the 2019 model because it offers all of the same features (minus the tow hitch) that the 2020 model has to offer. So you’ll be driving the same car and saving about $10,000!

Does MDX have VCM?

3.5-Liter 24-Valve SOHC i-VTEC Engine This V-6 engine combines high-performance power with efficiency among the best in its class. Variable Cylinder Management™ (VCM®) seamlessly switches between 3- and 6-cylinder operation for small-engine efficiency and big-engine power.

Does Acura use VCM?

Honda and Acura designed their engines with a feature called VCM which stands for Variable Cylinder Management. It is put on all their cars as a means to save gas by using the i-VTEC system to disable one bank of cylinders during specific driving conditions such as highway driving.