What kind of wheels do you use in a spare Dodge truck?

What kind of wheels do you use in a spare Dodge truck?

My 14 has 20″ wheels and my spare is also a plain steel 17″ wheel , but as mentioned the tires overall highth is the same …. Like mentioned above , a spare is a spare , ment for short term use . The overall highth of the TIRE is the same there will be no issues in 2wd or 4wd .

Where can I buy 20 inch rims online?

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What kind of rims do GMC 20 inch wheels have?

Chrome – Chrome coating adds a bright sheen to the 20-inch GMC wheel rims. This is a great choice if you are a fan of chrome and your current truck has other chrome parts that you can match with the wheels. The chrome catches the light and can draw attention to your truck. Anodized – Many wheels for GMC vehicles feature special anodized coating.

Can a 20 inch rim be used as a spare?

Ride on the highway at ~ 60 MPH was just fine, could not tell the spare was there. I would prefer a 20 inch rim with a like for like spare, but the temporary that is included on our trucks seems to do the job. wobly and R.L.K. like this. (You must log in or sign up to reply here.)

Where can I buy 20 inch rims and wheels?

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How big is a 20 inch spare tire?

If you pop the clad covering off one of the factory 20 inch wheels the center hole underneath is big enough for that piece to fit into there by enabling you to use the factory size 20 inch wheel and tire. SitKneelBend, pacofortacos and Drifterdan like this.

What kind of rims are used for front wheel drive?

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What kind of rims are discounted at wheel warehouse?

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