The world is colorful

The world is colorful

The diversity Charter

In the multi-cultural world society, the needs of people of diverse ethical, religious, language or geographical origin. Globalisation brings by their homogenizing tendencies of biological and cultural diversity is under pressure. During the first struggles in the Form of the issue of biodiversity is still attention, has cultural diversity as a beneficial theme to establish.

Therefore, in 2006, German companies have established the “Charter of diversity” that have joined up today, 1,200 companies with a total of around 6 million employees. With their signature the companies are committed to cultural diversity, to recognise, to appreciate and create a work environment that is free from prejudice, and to make Germany even for foreign investors as a location for open and attractive. “The systematic dealing with these Differences improves the ability to solve problems, innovate, creativity to increase, but also the loyalty of customers and employees to increase”, says Angela Merkel, the patron of the Initiative.

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