sustainability of projects of the UN

Here is a list of the most important sustainability projects of the UN. Excerpt from the new nahhaltigkeit book of Iris Pufé.

  • UNEP – United Nations environment programme: the creation of The UNEP was the Stockholm conference in 1972, decided, and has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. According to his understanding, the program is the “voice of environment” in the UN. The UNEP acts as a trigger, a lawyer, a teacher and a mediator for the management and protection of the environment and for sustainable development. It works together with various partners, including other UN agencies and other international organizations, governments, NGOs, companies and civil society.
  • UNDP – United Nations Development programme: Executive Committee of the UN General Assembly. In order to achieve the Millennium development goals and the global development focus of UNDP on poverty reduction, HIV/AIDS, democratic governance, energy and environment, and crisis prevention. A cross-sectional task in all programs is the protection of human rights and the equal treatment of women.
  • Global Compact: At the world economic forum in Davos in 1999 decided, the principles in human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption as a minimum standard and also globally.
  • GEF – Global Environment Facility, or “global environmental facility”: The GEF is an international mechanism for financing environmental protection projects in developing countries. Projects focused on climate protection, biodiversity, water protection, ozone layer, desertification and land degradation, and chemicals safety.
  • UNU – United Nations University: world University is a subsidiary organ of the United Nations. It was founded in 1973 with the aim of developing questions for the future of mankind in all areas of life on a concentrated scientific Basis.

This Text comes from the book sustainability of Iris Pufé – will be published soon at UTB: 14,99 € (D), 1. Edition, 260 pages, ISBN 978-3-8252-3667-0

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