The standard work in the 8. Edition

The standard work in the 8. Edition

Das Standardwerk in der 8. AuflageThe standard work of Bernd Blessin and Alexander Wick, and the Result will appear in the 8. Edition. The authors give a sound Overview of the main approaches and findings of leadership research and comment on them critically. The book is published at UVK Lucius/utb.

The writing Duo turns into 9 chapters, the science and practice discussed topics of the guide. This is not only a General, theoretical point of view (leadership styles and theories), but also an understanding of leadership in the specific context (e.g. Work Life Balance, virtual Team, organisational, commercial).

20 case examples to increase the practical relevance: In leadership is illustrated by examples from the DAX companies, small and medium – sized enterprises or, for example, the NASA/ESA.

The book is aimed at managers, employees in positions of leadership and to students of Economics.

The Authors

Dr. Bernd Blessin is as head of personnel and Organisation at the VPV insurance. In addition, he is on the Board of the United Post. The estate agents-AG and of the Board of BPM (Federal Association of personnel managers e. V.).

Prof., Dr. Alexander Wick, Professor of business administration, ESP. Human resources management at the International University of cooperative education Darmstadt. His research focuses on personnel selection, employee retention, virtual cooperation as well as competence diagnostics and development.

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Das Standardwerk in der 8. Auflage



Bernd Blessin, Alexander Wick

Lead and lead

Approaches, outcomes and criticism of leadership research

8., revised edition in 2017

540 Pages, Paperback

ISBN 978-3-8252-8704-7

€ (D) 49,99

ET may 2017