study and practice

study and practice

Für Studium und PraxisTrends and risks at an early stage, which is an important objective of market research. The new release market research: methods, applications, practical examples of Claudia Fantapié Altobelli presents the main methods and areas of application in an understandable way. The book is published at UVK Lucius/utb.

The author conveys the essential basics of market research, study and practice is required, starting with the planning, the choice of the research approach, the determination of the selection plan and the choice of the data collection procedure is up to the implementation of the survey, i.e. data collection, analysis and Interpretation of the results.

It takes into account only quantitative and but also – explicitly and comprehensively qualitative research methods. In addition, more recent methods are, especially from the neurosciences, part of the 3. Edition, completely revised. On the

Product, advertising and pricing research, as well as on digital media, Big Data and ethical issues.

The book is aimed equally at students, researchers and practitioners.

The Author Of

Prof. Dr. C. Fantapié Altobelli is Professor of business administration, in particular Marketing, at the Helmut Schmidt University of Hamburg.


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Für Studium und Praxis



Claudia Fantapié Altobelli

Market research

Methods, Applications, Practical Examples

3., completely revised edition in 2017

495 Pages, Paperback

ISBN 978-3-8252-8721-4

€ (D) 49,99

ET may 2017