The right way to deal with the literature

The right way to deal with the literature

Der richtige Umgang mit der Literatur(Press release) Many students work in the Form of a review of the literature opt for a bachelor’s degree. Aim of this Overview is to present the existing Knowledge in a specific subject area in a compact Form. This requires not only expertise, but also a high level of information and writing skills. The new guide to the literature overview of the bachelor’s thesis, master of Lydia Prexl reveals what to consider when Making. The book is published at UVK Lucius/utb.

The author introduces the different types of the literature review and shows how literature, find, edit, organize, and divide. In addition, it focuses on the writing process and reveals what helps with writer’s block. Numerous tips at the right Quote can help to avoid plagiarism and volatile Online sources to properly deal.

The book is aimed at students of business, Economics and social Sciences.


The Author:

Dr. Lydia Prexl supported as a writing consultant at the University of Mannheim students in all questions of scientific work and writing and is a freelance trainer and journalist.


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Der richtige Umgang mit der Literatur



Lydia Prexl

With the literature review bachelor thesis master

for economic and social Sciences

1. Edition

In 2016, 314 pages

ISBN 978-3-8252-4549-8

€ (D) 17,99