The driver’s license exam: targeted preparation

The driver’s license exam: targeted preparation

For Learning on the driving test, it is good to use a variety of media, as this will have as many senses as possible are addressed. This makes it easier for the brain to Learn and Retain. The theoretical lessons at the driving school and the individual lessons are very valuable basics. However, participation alone is not enough. At home, or at any other quiet place, the new Knowledge will be provided to the brain. For this real Learning Online Tools and Apps to be very helpful, because you can learn at any time new content or old Knowledge and refresh.

The theory of learning

1. Online Training Tool

Many driving schools use in the classroom as the basis for the fee-based Online training tool “To Learn to Max” from the Verlag Heinrich Vogel. A accompanying guide. With the program, you will learn of a light, medium and heavy level to level 4, the exam simulation. You will get a feedback on your learning progress through to the assessment of their Exam readiness. In a learning card-index system, you can repeat specifically the incorrectly answered questions. In addition, the pre – and post-processing of the driving hours.

2. Apps

Free of charge, however, only for his car club members, the ADAC is the App in the “ADAC driver’s license”. There are versions for Android and iOS, and is on all of your devices synchronized. In order to have your current learning progress. Actually free for Android is the App in the “test quiz boy to is security Council” by the German traffic. Other free Apps have advertising. Who can overlook the fact that is supplies so it’s safe to also well. Make sure that Updates to guarantee the current status of the exam questions.

3. Computer program

On you can get to know free a real test by playing, but also, and especially, the use of the program with the “launch program”. For example, you need to click on where and how to use individual commands. You know in advance that the program will show you how many questions are still unanswered. And at the end of this demo version will show you also, of course, as you are passing the examination to be final. Here, you will be asked whether you really want to make. So you can make the examination on a PC familiar, and then also a testing time store, including a result. If you know the technical part, you can focus the examination more on the Content and on answering the questions.

The driving practice practice

1. Driving simulator in your driving school

It could be a selection criterion when searching for the appropriate driving school, whether this has simulator a driving. This was incidentally developed by the same publisher as the above-described online tool called the “bird simulator”. The Simulator consists of an adjustable seat and three screens, so that you can get the impression of a real car. You can practice without pressure and observation alone. This is an additional Service of a driving school and, of course, paid. For very Anxious, it can not allow a beginning to start on the road with a real car.

You have a fear of the driving test or the re-entry after years without practice? The counselor Without the fear of the control of Holfer Walther gives you a simple method that you the fear of the examination and the driving a car easy to get to grips with.

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