student Stress

student Stress

The study is anchored in the minds of many as a time to try and hang around. However, in reality, a high printing: your Own wishes, the parents did not disappoint and by the way, tests in the chord are charged to students. All of this costs power and can lead to great stress in a Burnout. Barbara Krautz, Heike different Beck and Jörg Schülke raise awareness in your book, stress-free study without Burnout for the disease and the stages of burnout.

The guide gives techniques and strategies that can help students in stress-free studying. A questionnaire gives you information about the own risk for Burnout and helps to better themselves. In addition to Exercises and numerous hints and tips also hints to important focal points, such as, for example, psychological counselling clinics and psychosomatic, in the service part of the book.

This guide is aimed at students of all disciplines.

The authors: Dr. Barbara Krautz is a Doctor and is head of the Burnout centre in Munich. The psychologist and has a PhD Business psychologist Heike different Beck teaches at the International School of Management in the study program “psychology & Management” in Munich and as a Coach in the area of leadership Coaching, Business Coaching and value-oriented corporate culture. Jörg Schülke is naturopath for psychotherapy, University lecturer, and managing partner of the C. U. P.-Institut in Munich.

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