The five biggest mistakes in online marketing

The five biggest mistakes in online marketing

Die fünf größten Irrtümer im OnlinemarketingThe topic of online marketing today is all the rage and is now part of the corporate communication. Despite the tens of books, studies, case examples, etc., myths and in some cases simply wrong statements here. For this reason, are shown in the following article the five biggest mistakes in online marketing and thus some light into the darkness.

1. Online marketing is expensive and only worthwhile for large companies

To lay this claim is quite simple: In almost any other Medium, you reach such a low thousand-contact price, such as the Internet.

So you can for example. in the TV of a CPM of around 30 € – on the Internet Thousands of people can be achieved but with a much lower Budget. Here’s the price for 1000 impressions of a banner can be around 5€, and even with a completely serous providers.

In addition to the lower price for the sheer number of contacts or impressions, the online marketing and also other advantages. In contrast to other media, the target group can be determined very accurately. As a result, the well-known scattering loss is reduced greatly, and the advertising budget will be used much more effectively.

Taking into account the lower prices for online advertising and the possibility of very precise target group choice, the majority of online marketing the advantages also as opposed to any other Medium.


It is for any Budget the correct means of advertising on the Internet. The selection must, however, necessarily focused on the end goal – the cost alone cannot be a criterion for selection!

2. Online marketing is only suitable for certain sectors and products

This statement might certainly have once had in inventory. Today, it is obsolete. At the latest since then, a lot to prove, such as Amazon and co. on a daily basis that almost any product can be sold over the Internet, refuted this statement.

In addition, there are on the Internet today for every conceivable area of interest, a Forum, a Blog or other platform on which like-Minded people to exchange and search for information. Thus, almost all of the target groups in the Internet are mapped, which is why even in the case of niche topics in online marketing activities consistently worthwhile.


If online marketing is useful, it does not depend on the industry of the company. Rather, it must be checked whether and where the desired target audience resides on the Internet. Once this is found, can then be used for targeted marketing measures.

3. Online marketing can be part of the press / PR Department

Who says the press Department could also take care of the online marketing, you are wrong. Classical press work with online marketing, in principle, it is only together that both disciplines of corporate communication. Otherwise, there is in this Medium simply to many new forms of marketing and communication, as might a layman, what works and what doesn’t. There must be people responsible know what they are doing. Companies have the opportunity to either find staff, with appropriate qualifications and experience, or to hire an external service provider for the online marketing.

But no matter which way you decide to go here: The online marketing needs to be integrated into the company communication, and may not be used as a detached Part. And here is the press – or PR-Department is also back in the game. The Agency or the Department/staff should discuss all of the measures in the online marketing with the other departments of the company communication. Thus, far greater results, than if everyone cooks his own soup. For example, Instead of just an Interview in a local business magazine to print, this could also be recorded directly to Video. In a second step, this can then be published to your own Website/Blog, shared on Youtube, etc. In the end, a lot more people will be with less effort reached. To know these possibilities and strategies, it requires expert knowledge about the online medium and these are only available at appropriate professionals and/or agencies.


Online marketing should not be used by any Department, “” joined in. To be able to have the full potential to be exploited, experts should be (internally or externally). These must then be in all the decisions of the corporate communications included, in order to integrate online marketing and get the most Benefit from it.

4. Online marketing only needs to be applied once

In online marketing, this may be hackneyed Motto: “Once is never.”

The Internet has grown as an advertising medium, unfortunately, already, than you could achieve with one-off actions to long-term success. Because not only the own company has discovered this Medium. In almost all industries, there are also a variety of competitors, who also try to draw attention to themselves. Promotional activities, fighting for the attention of Internet users and to achieve this, it is necessary a constant pressure of advertising to maintain. I.e., advertising measures must be continuously taken, and it should also be done for the online marketing of a classical media planning, budget provision, etc.

In addition to the competitive situation, the online marketing has but one other aspect compared to many other media: It’s changing rapidly. These changes relate mainly to the possibilities of advertising and marketing in this Medium. In the early days of the Internet for example. especially Banner of the advertising medium of choice for advertising. Today, this classic Banner hardly play more of a role, or are only one of countless possibilities. Today, there are video ads, text ads in search results, Advertorials, personalized advertising in social networks, etc., all of which work much better and higher ROI to provide, as the former Banner. To track these Trends continuously and to react accordingly is a permanent task and certainly not a “Job”.


Well-made online marketing is a full-time Job. Planning, execution and control of the measures cost time and should be made. Otherwise, no permanent success can be achieved.

5. Online marketing brings with it no measurable success

That this statement can’t be true, is actually at Hand. Since at least the many discussions about the storage and use of user data in the Internet, knows almost everyone, that every visitor leaves digital footprints in the Internet and that these are also evaluated.

For companies, this fact of course brings many advantages, Where in most of the media, for example. Magazines, or TV, are only estimates or extrapolations on the possible audience and, therefore, the receivers are can be measured in the Internet is very exactly who done how long what is and what is not has done. The reason for this is simple. In contrast to other media, the Internet is an interactive, bi-directional Medium. It can be not only sent information from a Website to a user, but also Vice versa. As a result, the measurement of success on the Internet is based not on estimates, but on absolute Numbers.

Another advantage of the Internet is that the interaction between the company and the customer ends with the consumer of the advertising. To apply instead of products only can be sold directly over the Internet – and online shops are here to stay. You can be so on the Medium and also the sales on this, for example. the success or failure of an advertising campaign from the first contact until the sale can be measured. This is an advantage that can be created in other media with little or only with much greater effort.


Online marketing does not bring, of course, mandatory to success, however, it offers more measuring instruments than any other form of Marketing. This advantage must use it to the companies to control their campaigns and marketing actions and to respond accordingly. In this way, then also set measurable success.


The five above-mentioned errors can be quickly shattered and the listed examples show, what are the conditions under which, in the online marketing is possible.

Online marketing should be for any company, more than just worth Considering. With the right strategy and the measures derived from the benefits of this (not-so) new form of Marketing will outweigh all the disadvantages. For the experts, knowledge should, however, always adequately trained staff or an external advertising Agency.


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