Spiritual, religious, and tourist perspective of the pilgrimage

Spirituelle, kirchliche und touristische Perspektive des PilgernsThe world is in a state of permanent social and technical change. In addition, every person has in this country, countless ways to make his life. In the course of which the Individual is often not easy to keep the orientation. Many are looking for direction and support in their own life. More and more people rely on a practice of faith, the thousand-year-old: you pilgrims! In the new release

I’m on the way!, edited by Christian Antz, Sebastian Bartsch and George Hofmeister explained by numerous experts from theory and practice, interdisciplinary, spiritual, religious, and tourist perspectives on the pilgrimage in Germany.

The book also provides a scientific basis on the topic of pilgrimage and sets the theological, sociological, psychological, and tourist standards. It arose from the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the St. James society of Saxony-Anhalt carried out in the year 2016, a conference under the title “I’m on the way”. Supplemented by further contributions to the lectures of the are in the Band

Meeting in the written version. In addition to the scientific discourses as well as good practice examples from Germany will be given wider space. The summary is a consequence of the results of the meeting and reflects the current state of the discussion.

The book is aimed at researchers and practitioners from the churches, as well as tourism.

The Publisher

Prof. Dr. Christian Antz is a Professor at the Institute for Management and tourism at the University of applied Sciences West coast. Sebastian Bartsch is the President of the St. James society of Saxony-Anhalt. Dr. Georg Hofmeister is the Director of the Academy of the insurer in the space of the churches.


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Spirituelle, kirchliche und touristische Perspektive des Pilgerns



Christian Antz, Sebastian Bartsch, Georg Hofmeister

“I’m on the way!”

Spiritual, religious and tourist perspectives on the pilgrimage in Germany

1. Edition 2018

312 Pages, Hardcover

ISBN 978-3-86764-849-3

€ (D) 29,99

ET March 2018

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