Soros and the price of gold

Soros and the price of gold

You could almost say, the “top speculator of the present state of the world” is back. George Soros, who bet in September 1992, the devaluation of the GB pound, now the price of gold. This falls within the shortest possible time.

But what’s behind it?

According to the media (cf. e.g. Handelsblatt: Soros gets out of Gold) is the US large-scale investor George Soros of the exchange-traded gold products (Ann. d. Red. ETC) dropped out. The justification was just as short: “The world is not in front of the dogs, why should you buy Gold?”.

Let’s make this Thesis reflect!

Yes, first of all, you do not need to be, the world really is! The problems of stabilising and that the solutions do not seem, at least in approach, to make the problems worse. However, these problems are solved? No, the sovereign debt crisis is not yet overcome. Only through monetary gifts, the circulation of money and credit has been kept alive. The measures themselves, however, cause new problems, such as, for example, in the future, rising Inflation, labour problems etc.

Jumped in the statement, then, to short or even wrong?

No, for the moment, and also, where appropriate, up to the Bundestag elections in Germany, we are here to see little of the positive trends. But what comes after that? In time, the no campaign is operated. If pure Numbers are dominant, is then used Gold again?


Then George Soros will set up its post ion. The exchange-traded positions, this is quickly feasible. And if we already are in any of the media articles state that he will be physical Gold has sold. Therefore, the greatest speculator in the world knows remains to be seen what he intends.

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