Career crossroads of the economist: difficulties and opportunities

Career crossroads of the economist: difficulties and opportunities

Sometimes graduates of educational institutions with economic specialization have an unclear idea of ​​the opportunities that are opening before them. Therefore, it is necessary to plan career development in the course of studies. Do not be afraid of mistakes. We need to experiment boldly. At the end of the institute this will increase the chances of obtaining an excellent proposal.

Successful career

In the manuals on the management strategy it is said that the preparation of any activities must begin with a clear statement of purpose. This method will help plan and successful career. Today, leaving the walls of the university, a young economist can choose from four basic models for building the future:

  • Career of a top manager in a large corporation;
  • Career of a private entrepreneur;
  • State high-level official;
  • The science. Career of a prominent scientist-economist.

Top manager

This is an obvious and effective way. The importance of quality selection of personnel in business has long been appreciated. Therefore, in any company that enjoys a good reputation, a young specialist gets into an atmosphere of maximum professionalism. Here he receives clear assignments.

The newly-created economist works among experienced and highly qualified specialists. In such a collective, he has the opportunity to polish the knowledge acquired in his student years. His career growth is understandable – from seven to ten years will go to get a significant position. Of course, you need to show yourself for this.


Some, confident graduates, almost immediately open their own business. This path is suitable for those who are not in a hurry to become a detail in a well-adjusted corporate machine. Having a good entrepreneurial idea, a young economist is able to achieve notable success.

This is a unique chance for self-realization – the opportunity to engage in a business that is really interesting. It’s a way, starting from scratch, with your own work to build something meaningful. This path will reap the benefits of a purely personal outcome.


The state service in recent years has regained its former popularity. Personal contacts received in the margins of the administrative apparatus, open today to the newly-minted specialists excellent financial prospects. This includes connections with functionaries working side by side, and communication with businessmen who occasionally have to interact with officials.

Here the former student acquires knowledge concerning the arrangement of the bureaucratic mechanism. Probable wages are not as high as in the case of cooperation with the leading firm, but the social package more than compensates for this shortcoming.


The achievements of the scientific direction have always evoked a universal – global respect. The academic degree, obtained, including in the economy, in recent years has become increasingly valuable. She has the weight to assess the career of the researcher and is endowed with a special ability to establish respect for her owner. Scientific work opens up unique prospects.

This is a massive recognition. This is an opportunity to develop thinking and imagination. The activity of the scientist opens more freedom in the choice of business. The universality of such knowledge makes them a product with high export potential. There are prospects for international communication (conferences, symposia, congresses) with the world intellectual elite.

Obviously, this all works only if there is real knowledge among the graduate of the university. For those who think that they can do nothing during the entire course of training, but will use economics homework help, and then get a good job, I hasten to disappoint you – in this area of activity it does not work like this.