six! Risk management in Germany

six! Risk management in Germany

For many companies the ability to operate professional risk management. For this reason, projects at risks discovered too late, ignored or simply not be looking for failure. The new release Of the management Board and the risk Manager of Werner Gleißner shows to what an effective risk management distinguishes why a lot of companies don’t implement and how risk management the company’s results improve in a sustainable manner.

After a short introduction in the basics of risk management will be pointed out against the Background of the last economic crisis in a fictional dialogue between a CFO and the risk Manager to some of the key problems in the risk management of German companies. In addition to basic economic methods to often a new operation in Controlling, risk management, credit Rating and value-oriented corporate control, the reader will also find much of what he knows may be out of practice: vanities and self-interest of the protagonists.

The book targets managers, controllers, risk managers and financial experts that wish to understand how risks can realistically collect, so that you can make better business decisions.


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Setzen, sechs! Risikomanagement in Deutschland



Werner Gleißner

The Board of Directors and risk Manager

Dream team in the fight against the economic crisis

1. Ed.

2015, 140 pages

ISBN 978-3-86764-633-8

€ (D) 17,99

The Author:

Setzen, sechs! Risikomanagement in Deutschland

Dr. Werner Gleißner
is a Board of the Future Value Group AG and honorary Professor at the Technical University of Dresden.