The third way of the popes

The third way of the popes

(Press release) the Public image of the Church is often dominated by Extremes: such as magnificent buildings and a waste of the individual searches on the one hand, and a life in modesty and the fight for the poor on the other. By no less than Pope Francis himself, this humility is exemplified. In their social encyclicals, the Church always goes back to abuses in society and the economy or debates initiates the Integration of Christian values in business and politics, most recently with the sensational Encyclical “Laudato si’,” a Wake-up call, that the man is about to destroy his own livelihood. In her book, the third road of The popes examine Daniel Eissrich and Hans Frambach, the economic ideas of the Vatican and their impact on Economics and politics. The authors outline a third way of the popes – an alternative concept of the Economy between capitalism and socialism. The title now appears in UVK.

Since its inception, the Church stands with the Economy in close relationship. She was and is connected directly with the economic process. The medieval monasteries were of Central economic importance for many regions of Europe, and even today, the Church itself is a powerful enterprise – think of the Institution of the Church as “the most powerful group in Germany.” And on the other, the Church deals with the tension between state, economy and society since the 19th century. Century in their social encyclicals. As Pope Leo called XIII in 1891, wage justice and more rights for workers, and thus of social policy in Europe on the rise. In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI referred to the financial crisis, that globalisation must be driven by a “culture of love”. And Pope Francis suggested in the Encyclical “Laudato si” again in 2015, the Reform of the market economic system. For one, he demanded a solution to the social inequality, on the other, preserving the foundations of life through ecological Action – in the economy.

The authors Daniel Eissrich and Hans Frambach, in “the third road of The popes” in the first Chapter, on “The labor question between capitalism and socialism” and illuminate in Chapter II under the Heading “Chaos and desire for order,” the consequences of the world wars, the emergence of the welfare state, as well as the formation and effect of various papal encyclicals. Chapter III begins in the aftermath of the Encyclical “Quadragesimo anno” and ends with the Encyclical “Populorum progressio” of Pope Paul VI To “the economic systems of the crisis,” Chapter IV and the final Chapter V looks at “Social injustice and ecological responsibility,” and closes with “Laudato si'” of Pope Francis.


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Hans Frambach, Daniel Eissrich

The third way of the popes

The economic ideas of the Vatican

2015, 1. 2015 Edition, 225 Pages

ISBN 978-3-86764-600-0

19,99 € (D)

UVK Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

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About the authors:

Dr. Daniel Eissrich has its research focus in the area of economic systems and their institutions. He is a Federal Bank Manager in the Central IT Department of the Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt am Main.

Dr. Hans Frambach is a Professor of Economics at the University of Wuppertal. His research focus is the history of economic thought.