rise of fear, or of stratification of the policy?

With this term the fact is described that while in the past decades, the high school graduates proportion of “working children” is increasing, but less and less of them study. This was the result of a study by the Mannheim centre for European social research, on behalf of the Vodafone Foundation.

Regardless of the Bachelor degree in question can be postulated, therefore, of the higher education policy failure with regard to the question of the use of spiritual resources in Germany. In addition, the improvement of equal opportunities on the part of the education policy has not been perceived. This issue needs to be discussed deeper than at the level of the tuition fees.

Aufstiegsangst oder Schichtungspolitik?How can textbook publishers contribute their share to counteract this negative development?





  • Pricing policy: While many of the publishers, the product prices for journals and textbooks continuously – and sometimes by leaps and bounds – increase, stay the pocket books of UTB continues to be low.
  • Choice of topics: As the experience of University careers by obvious social stratification, a kind of exclusive in nature, expands the UTB your program also on the level of study orientation, methods, skills and learning AIDS.
  • Library supply: UTB offers the high school libraries a fair and usage-based concept.

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