Profession financier: features and benefits

Profession financier: features and benefits

Finance is one of the most important aspects of human activity, and this applies to individuals as well as to all kinds of organizations, companies and enterprises. Competent management and management of monetary resources requires certain knowledge, skills and experience that are possessed by representatives of the profession of a financier. So, the profession of a financier: what kind of profession is it, and where to study in order to become a professional in this field?

What faculties and specialties to choose for training?

Profession financier implies a higher economic or profile education. University “Synergy” offers the entrants training in the faculties of economics and banking in the following specialties:

  • finance and credit;
  • banking;
  • accounting, analysis and audit;
  • The overall economy.

Students receive knowledge in financial analytics, forecasting and planning, taxation and lending, studying the international financial system and its features, writing finance research papers, essays, dissertations. You can apply these skills already from the first year – the university cooperates with large domestic banks and companies that guarantee future financiers job placement and career growth.

To obtain a diploma with the assignment of a bachelor’s degree, it is necessary to show a school certificate and pass examinations in mathematics, social studies and the Russian language, the training period is from 4 to 4.5 years. To study the basics of financial planning, applicants can go to college after the 9th or 11th grade, and to deepen their knowledge they can get a master’s degree.

Training for a financier as a second higher education

If we talk about what gives a person a profession as a financier, the advantages of working in this area are not only prestige or decent wages, but also financial literacy that is necessary to achieve a high level of well-being. Accordingly, many entrepreneurs, businessmen and simply want to gain new knowledge in the field of money management, choose the specialty of a financier as a second higher education. To study at the Faculty of Economics of the University “Synergy” you need to write an application to the admission committee, produce documents about the first education and pass the internal examinations. The duration of the educational program is from 2.5 to 3 years.

List of duties and necessary personal qualities

The duties of a specialist may vary depending on the place of work, but mainly include the following:

  • development of a strategy for increasing capital using different instruments;
  • reduction of company expenses and minimization of financial risks;
  • analysis of the economic activity of the company;
  • increasing the effectiveness of its use of monetary resources;
  • carrying out of monetary operations, keeping the reporting on the budget.

The work of a financier is suitable for responsible people with an analytical mindset who are able to make quick decisions and concentrate on specific tasks. An important role is played by such personal qualities as stress resistance, purposefulness and self-confidence.